Reflective Solutions

HERANTE is a dynamic company that specializes in retro-reflection. Since 2004 we are engaged in the distribution, processing and development of retro-reflective films.

Retro-reflection is a form of reflection, where the major part of the incoming light rays is reflected back in the direction of the light source. This feature is very useful in dim light or darkness. By shining on retro-reflective film with a light source (eg. The headlight of a car) road users can clearly see all road or street signs.

Retro-reflective film is also used in license plates. Since 2008 it is mandatory by European law to provide trailers of trucks with retro-reflective contour marking. All security vehicles - like police, fire and ambulance - feature high-quality retro-reflectives and therefor extra visible to other road users.

Herante distributes retro-reflective films and has all the standard products in stock in its sales and distribution center in Maastricht. We are able to deliver these standard products within 1 or 2 days in the Benelux and 3 to 5 days throughout Europe. In addition to the standard films we also create customized products. Our mission is to be the ideal partner for our customers in the field of reflective solutions.